/Where to Get Application Forms for Irish Passport

Where to Get Application Forms for Irish Passport

When you receive your application form, please read the instructions and each section carefully before completing it. Application forms that are not completed correctly cannot be processed, resulting in delays. To maximize your chances of getting a quick and successful application, you need to make sure you have all the evidence ready to be submitted with your application. The Irish Diaspora Center is a trusted resource for aid in the Greater Philadelphia area. – They provide photos, witnesses to the documents and support throughout the process. – Passport forms available in their office. – Irish passports can be renewed online. The Centre also offers support for online renewals, with initial applications by mail from the UK taking at least 30 working days. Apply for the Irish Passport Card Service, an identity card that allows you to travel to Europe instead of your Irish passport. A valid passport must be held to be eligible. Your Irish passport card is valid for five years or for the remainder of the validity of your existing Irish passport. If you are applying abroad, the application form lists the appropriate categories of witnesses. The witness must enter their daily telephone number in the application form, as this may need to be verified by the passport service or the relevant embassy or consulate.

For a standard 10-year 34-page passport, the fee is as follows: All applications must be submitted on an original APS2 application form with the appropriate supporting documents. Application forms are available from the embassy or can be sent to the applicant upon request. A post office also offers a “family application” option where up to 4 passport applications can be attached in an envelope. The additional fee for a family application is €16 Using the Passport online system is the fastest way to get an Irish passport. Most applications are completed within five to ten days, while new applicants usually take 20 days. The fastest way to get an Irish passport is to use the Passport Online system. When making a postal request, the fastest way is to use the Passport Express Ireland system. To apply for a passport, you can complete the passport application form through the Passport Online service, submit your application at the post office (Passport Express) or meet someone in person at a counter service at the passport office. The online app is the recommended route as it is the fastest and cheapest. The Passport Service recommends that applicants allow at least six weeks to process their passport application. If you reside outside of Ireland, you will need to use an APS2 application form. They are available in Irish (APS2G) and English (APS2E).

To obtain the correct form, please contact the Consulate General of Ireland in New York by clicking HERE. More detailed information can be found on passport photos. Online applications are completed within approximately 20 working days If you have a grandparent born in Ireland, you can become an Irish citizen by registering in the Foreign Birth Register. You can also register on the RBF if your parent was not born in Ireland (if they were, you are already a citizen and only have to go through the passport application process) but was an Irish citizen at the time of your birth. If you are eligible for Irish citizenship, you can have your birth registered in the Foreign Birth Register to start applying for Irish citizenship. Once you have registered your birth and it has been accepted, you can apply for an Irish passport. You cannot apply online if you have already submitted a paper application. If you do not meet all of these requirements, you will need to apply in person. Please return to the main passport page for more information. If your previous passport was issued when you were a child and has not yet expired (or has only recently expired), your application will be considered a renewal application and not an initial application.

Since those under the age of 18 cannot apply for Irish passports themselves, they need legal consent and additional witnesses to verify their identity. It is not recommended to apply for your first passport directly at the passport office. You must include a digital photo as part of your online application. You can do this in three ways: You can also get more information about replacing a lost or stolen passport and renewing your passport. Once normal procedures resume, you can find out how to apply for your Irish passport here. • Additional documents for first passport applications and/or lost passport applications. Click HERE for more information. You must submit your postal application in the country where you live. For example, if you live in the United States and are on holiday in Ireland, it is not possible to apply from Ireland using the paper application form. .